Pasta Cookers

The Simple Way to Prepare Perfect Pasta.
Anets Pasta Pro Commercial Pasta Cookers.

Fast-paced commercial kitchens with a penchant for quality appreciate the Anets line of pasta pro pasta cookers. Consistent and easy to use, these self-contained units offer safety, efficiency, and automatic features that allow operators to boil to perfection while tending to other tasks. With a variety of available rinse stations and many different baskets to accommodate your method of cooking, the opportunity to create a complete pasta cooking system is here.

When perfect pasta is in high demand, Anets 14″ & 18″ Pasta Pro pasta cookers deliver batch orders in a snap. Versatile power settings allow you to maintain a rapid or gentle boil for fast or slow cooking and reheating. Plus, when times really get busy, optional auto features help take the heat off the operator

14 Inch Models

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18 Inch Models

Pasta Maker Description

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