Side Drawer Pulled Out 


ANETS Griddle Stands

cutboardHeavy-Duty Stainless Steel Stands

Locate your ANETS griddle on a sturdy, easy to clean stand. Optional undershelf provides added storage.

ANETS Removable Cutting Board Bracket Assembly

Adds a convenient work area onto your griddle. Available in 24" to 72" widths to match your ANETS GoldenGRILL™ or SilverLINE Griddle. (Shown at right)

A24x48GC on legs BW 10-2006 06.jpg


ANETS GoldenGRILL Standard Gas griddles

ANETS GoldenGRILL™ Standard Gas Griddlesfeature exclusive plate temperature sensors that respond to temperature fluctuations quickly. You get reliable grilling performance for the exceptional food quality your customers demand every day.

Burners every 12" each have their own thermostatic controls to help you maintain varying temperatures for different heat zones on the griddle surface. Regardless of the width of the griddle you choose, a depth of 24" to 30" helps maximize surface space for higher productivity.

AG Model Griddles 24” deep cooking surface

AG Model Griddles 30" deep cooking surface

SG Models 30” deep cooking surface

30” deep cooking surface allows for more grilling surface during rush times and heavy loads.

SG-LD Models 30” deep cooking surface

Introducing a first of its kind, a full depth side grease drawer. Open access to the drawer along the entire cooking depth of the griddle makes scraping between loads quick and convenient.

Model Spec Sheet Brochure I&O Manual
AG Model Griddles 24" Deep Cooking Surface L10-516.pdf - I-201.pdf
AG Model Griddles 30" Deep Cooking Surface L10-517.pdf - I-201.pdf
SG Models Griddles 30" Deep Cooking Surface SG-MG-Griddle-Specsheet.pdf - L20-346.pdf
SG-LD Models Griddles 30" Deep Cooking Surface SGLD-Griddle-Specsheet.pdf - L20-346.pdf