High efficiency MX series fryer with a filter system built right into the same cabinet.

Filter Mate (FM-14)

This state-of-the-art filtration system fits under the fryer to save space as well as shortening and labor costs.




Performs like the FM-14, but serves the larger capacity of two 18" fryers.

Filtronic II

This hands-off filter system saves shortening to preserve top-quality taste in your fried foods.


Portable filters available in 80 lb. or 150 lb. shortening capacities.



Fri-Tronic 2

Offers a simple dual program frying option for consistent cooking that saves time and energy.

Fri-Tronic 8

The Fri-Tronic 8 solid state controller has up to 8 separate cooking programs. Save time and money and assure a quality fried product with features such as Compensating Cook Time, Idle Mode and Automatic Melt Cycles.

Fri-Tronic 16

The Fri-Tronic solid state command module has up to 16 separate cooking programs to give you a wide range of automated frying options like shortening melter, boil out mode and digital timers.


Fryer Filtration and Accessories. 

For added frying capacity, flexibility, or consistency and all the accessory options to help boost your frying production, Anets has everything you need to round out your kitchen. Plus we offer the latest in self-contained fryer filtration systems.




Crispy Food Warmer and Fri-Crisp Stations keep your food crisp, hot and fresh

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Fryer Filtration Systems
Model Spec Sheet Brochure I&O Manual Parts Manual CAD Drawings
MX14E-SFF L10-514.pdf - I-105.pdf - -
 Filter Mate (FM-14) L10-511.pdf  - L20-386.pdf Parts Manual - CE ONLY

 w/ MX14AA

w/ MX14E

w/ MX14E/18E

FM-18 L10-519.pdf - L20-386.pdf - CAD Drawings
Filtronic II L10-512.pdf - L20-386.pdf -





FFM80-FFM150 L10-510.pdf - L20-344.pdf - -
Fryer Computer Control Systems
Model Spec Sheet Brochure I&O Manual CAD Drawings
Fri-Tronic 2 fri-specsheet.pdf - - -
Fri-Tronic 8 fri-specsheet.pdf - - -
Fri-Tronic 16 fri-specsheet.pdf - - -
Fryer Accessories
Model Spec Sheet Brochure I&O Manual CAD Drawings
CWF/Fri-Crisp L10-518.pdf - -

CWF CAD Drawings

Fri-Crisp CAD Drawings